Coming out of the Dark Ages with LED Vehicle Lighting

  Here is a great article from International Fire Fighter Magazine. Warning lights on emergency services vehicles provide an essential safety function by warning road users of a hazard ahead, along with the need to move out of the way giving priority to the emergency vehicle, allowing for a safe and rapid response to an incident. Sadly, however, for some the fitting of warning lights is seen as just another expense, and in the current climate the temptation can be to buy the cheapest available product that “ticks the box”. Such a short-sighted approach however can jeopardise the safety and result in the fitting of poor performance, unreliable, high maintenance products, resulting in a much higher lifetime cost than might first appear. The primary consideration for a light bar, directional warning light or beacon should be the choice of the light source. Whilst halogen lamps are inexpensive, they do have a limited life of around 2000 hours, which can eq

All our products have a Full warranty

  Just been checking eBay UK and some of the products we sell on  appear on that site. Whilst at first they seem to be a bargain at the price listed, if you dig a little deeper you will find that these products do not come with a manufacturer's warranty.   Is this bad? No, not at all. Just be aware that you are buying old stock. If you're happy with that great. But if you want products with a warranty, then just make sure you have a good read of the description, and you won't be disappointed. All products sold through this site come with a full manufacturer warranty. Normally between 2-5 years.

LED Emergency Light Bars

  LED Emergency Light Bars Wednesday, 11 January 2017  |   Admin What are LED Emergency Light Bars? When I started LED Lightbars back in 2007, you could type the search term LED Lightbars into Google, or any other search engine and you would be presented with a list of websites either selling or writing about LED Lightbars. The same isn't true in 2017. If you now type LED Lightbars into Google these days, you will get a mixture of websites selling or writing about both LED Lightbars for Off-Road use i.e. all white LEDs, and LED Lightbars suitable for use on emergency and ancillary or recovery vehicles., with either amber or blue LEDs, or indeed a combination of both. In this post, I will be talking about lightbars suitable for emergency vehicles. These lightbars are constructed normally (depending on the length) with an aluminium extrusion which is fitted to the plastic parts of the lightbar such as the lens or outer shell. The LED Emergency Light Bar will have an electronic